Sweet Flower


A New Kind of Cannabis Brand & Boutique

Sweet Flower is creating a sophisticated and progressive cannabis retail experience that’s all about making visitors of all experience levels feel confident and comfortable. Their stores are inviting and their selection is chosen with care.

Sweet Flower also offers an exclusive, limited series of ocean grown, private label products. With roots in Carpinteria, California, this premium flower will inspire exploration and immersion into the senses building confidence and comfort among the cannabis curious.


Website & Brand Statement

Sweet Flower is a cannabis retail boutique with deep roots in Southern California.

Their mission? To set a new standard for modern cannabis retail that is inclusive, diverse and approachable by all.

On this project, I helped establish brand guidelines, developed website copy, wrote headlines for out of home, created a social media strategy and content calendar, and even got to name their product strains.

View the full site here.

Packaging & Product Naming

I named Sweet Flower’s private label cannabis strains after iconic LA neighborhoods and experiences.

VanNugs_LR 2.jpg
BreakwaterBloom_LR 2.jpg

Out of Home


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