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AKA Graffiti tours in bogota and blind art gallery owners


Subversive Zines and Local Lore at Lima’s First Independent Book Fair
Why One Ecuadorian Town Has Three Panama Hat Museums
New York City's Art Scene in the 1920s
The Top Ten Art Documentaries to Watch on Netflix Instant
Blindness, Memory, and the Vestiges of Anarchy

Graffiti in Bogota

Recap: Siete Mares and De Cabezas y Náufragos
Recap: “El Artista en La Ciudad” at CentroCentro in Madrid
Recap: Madrid’s Apertura 2012: An Introduction to the Contemporary Art Galleries in Madrid

Ode to Joy: Art Collective Bruce High Quality Foundation Continues to Push Buttons
Thermal Cameras and Net Art Surrealism: Daniel Sannwald's Fashion Photography
10 Works of Art Inspired by Google Earth
Meet Dirk Rauscher: Designing Man-Made Shapes In Organic Settings
Riding on an LED: Light Painting And Wakeboarding Combine in this Experimental Photoshoot
Stunning Installation Lets Visitors Control Laser-Projected Patterns On 12,000 Spheres
Nicolas Jaar is Being Noisy
41 Strings to be Featured in New HBO Series
5 Reasons You Should Get On Board With FAT Lab

The Video For Shao-Yen Chen's Stalker Collection Uses Old Tech With New Aesthetics
What if Salvador Dali Had Access to Kinect?
Prolific Bacteria Infects The Roof of Centre Pompidou Metz
Meet the Design Studio Behind Dita Von Tease's 3D Printed Dress
SubPac Wants to Help You Feel The Beat —Literally
VEGA ZAISHI WANG's S/S 2013 Collection Echoes The Intergalactic Vision of Alpha Lyrae
Of Mice and Mozart: Experimental Art Created By Snails and Rodents
A Field of Rods and Thumping Electronic Music Make For Mesmerizing Audiovisual Performance
Hussein Chalayan's Newest Collection Will Double Your Wardrobe Capacity
How To Turn Fruits And Veggies Into A Musical Instrument
The Best Interactive Valentine You'll See Today
This Valentine’s Day, Think Outside The Box Of Chocolates
Jennifer Cupri's Jewelry Highlights The Subconscious Messages Of Body Language
Catfishing Vs. Performance Art: What Manti Te'o And Spencer Pratt Have In Common
UVA's Pyramid Light Installation Fragment Is A Different Kind Of Desert Mirage
Colored Thread And UV Lights Form Captivating Augmented Spaces
U-Ram Choe's Merry-Go-Round Is One Part Nostalgia, Two Parts Brave New World

Video Curation: Unlocking the Truth About Sixth Grade and Heavy Metal
Video Curation: From the Streets of Sao Paulo to the World: Wheatpasting
Video Curation: Do You Know What Seoul Sounds Like?
Video Curation: Israel: This Isreal
Video Curation: Liz Ogumbo “Maro pa more”

Photographic Backdrop Blog:
Benefits of Second Shooting
How to Avoid Awkward Romantic Photos
A Beginner's Guide to Street Photography
Pros & Cons of Image Sharing
10 Ways to Make Your Senior Portrait Session More Creative Without Leaving the Studio
Choosing a Niche: Introduction to Stock Photography
Choosing a Niche: Introduction to Photojournalism
Choosing a Niche: Introduction to Fashion Photography
Choosing a Niche: Introduction to Formal Portraiture
Choosing a Niche: The Importance of Exploration
The History of Muslin
10 Awesome Examples of  Creative Self-Portraits
Tips for Better Candid Photography
How to Break the Rules of Photography Successfully
10 Great Photography Blogs You Should be Reading
Top 10 Romantic Wedding Photo Shoots
A Guide to Working with Amateur Models
5 Fun Toy Cameras
5 Tips for Taking Unique Facebook Party Pictures

Why Brazilians Don't Want You At The World Cup

Recap: 'Slap: Adhesives and Egos' at ConArtist NYC
Recap: Walter Robinson's Indulgences at Dorian Grey Gallery
My Brain is Melting: Gathering of the Tribes' Brain Melt
Recap: Street Artists Unite! at Dorian Grey Gallery
Nostalgic New York - 93 Til Infinity at Tribes
Recap: (Re)Print Street Art Exhibit
Recap: Skullphone "XOS/SOX" Exhibit

Cindy Sherman Retrospective Review

Apex of Art//Art Listings ((page 91 PRINT))
Tapestries from Last Night
SF International Film Festival

Let the Film Revival Commence!