Meet Megan.

She’s a Leo, in case you couldn’t tell.


At five, Megan forced all her friends to form a band called the Sugar Girls. They played no instruments, wrote no songs, but Megan made many fliers for “performances” and changed the band name as frequently as she screamed “GIRL POWER.” And so her advertising career began.

A couple years later, Santa gave her a camera for Christmas. She took a very creatively arranged family photo (Grandma’s pose was… Sports Illustrated inspired) but she accidentally cropped Dad’s head off and her masterpiece was ruined.

In college, she thought it might be fun to be an International Business major. After one economics class, she discovered she was wrong. She shifted her focus back to creative interests, and graduated from Hunter College with a Media Studies degree.

Megan now lives in Los Angeles, and is available for copywriting, branding, and photography work. If you’re looking for her, you should probably check the ocean (or the contact tab).

She looks like this now. 👇🏼

Megan Youngblood (1).jpg