KISS MY FACE email marketing

For Kiss My Face, we wrote and designed weekly emails. As a natural product, Kiss My Face valued the educational component of these emails. We provided information about their product ingredients through 101s and an "Ask KMF" column. There were also weekly deals and a product highlight, all written in Kiss My Face's signature cheeky voice. 

I realize these are a little hard to read in the images to the left, so below is an Ask KMF column, for your reading pleasure. 


"Dear Kiss My Face,

I saw you have continuous spray sun care and was a little confused. Isn't aerosol dangerous for the environment? 

Concerned Kisser,

Julie S.

Hey Julie S!

That's a great question!

So here's a quick summary of Aerosol 101...When aerosol was invented, it used chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) to power the spray. These are chemicals we now know have caused some serious damage to the planet. Then, in the 1970s, people started to notice the ozone layer conundrum and companies fazed these out. in the US, they're actually now illegal (hooray!). But even modern-day CFC-free products sometimes contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are also pretty bad for Mother Earth and contribute to things like California's smog. But we at Kiss My Face use a spray technology that is totally VOC-free! Our NEW continuous sprays are powered by compressed air, so you can spray on (and party on) worry-free!"